Very large fruit with sweet flavor and fine-grained flesh good for fresh eating, salad, and baked apples. Tree is vigorous and weeping. Introduced in 1943.
Origin: University of Minnesota, released 1943
Parentage: McIntosh x Longfield
Size & Color: Large to huge; firey, intense, broken orange and red stripes over yellow

Connell Red Fireside: Large to huge; cherry red blush over
greenish yellow
Origin: Menomonie, Wisconsin, by Tom Connell in 1956
Parentage: Naturally-occurring mutation of Fireside
Flesh & Flavor: Chunky, crunchy, substantive flesh; unique, rich, sweet pear flavor
Uses: Eating only (because they stay crunchy even after baking), apple butter
Keeping: As long as 6 months, until about April 15
Comments: What a great apple!