Apple Varieties

Apple Varieties We Grow
People always ask us which apple variety is our favorite, and always our answer is the same – we don’t have one, we like them all! Really, every one has it’s completely unique character and flavor. Of the over twenty varieties we grow and/or carry, every one is a different experience. We focus heavily on the great varieties developed by the University of Minnesota apple breeding program over the last 100 years. Their solid and favorite Fireside, Haralson, Keepsake, Honeygold and Regent are the foundation of the Minnesota apple industry. Their newer release Honeycrisp has become a break out variety, soon to be followed by Zestar and SweeTango (MN 1914 -The Latest Big Thing!) The U of M develops apples that like our climate! Minnesota hardly ranks in the nation in terms of boxes produced every year, but what we lack in quantity we make up for in quality!